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Finding the right loan for your specific needs calls for patience, knowledge, insight, negotiation and time – and it’s what we do. We’ll save you thousands of dollars by tailoring innovative solutions that meet your short and long-term objectives, eliminate the stress involved in comparisons and paperwork and save you time – for FREE.

“…Sound and creative financial advice and strategies that have saved me a heap of time and expense. I totally recommend Mint Money’s services as I have to family and friends.”


Types of home loans

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Interested in getting ahead ?
Interested in getting ahead ?

As one of Australia’s leading mortgage brokers, we empower people to make informed decisions about the hundreds of available products and financial institutions out there.

All of our advice is tailored, unbiased and FREE.

At Mint Money, finding and processing the right loans for clients is our number one priority.

100% satisfaction and happiness guarantee.

On Your Own With Mint Money
Numerous choices, some obvious, some ambiguous, some legitimate, some unaccredited… Understand your choices – we’ll present and explain all of the sensible variables and factors. We’re also an accredited mortgage broker and a member of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)
Hours upon hours, stress, second guessing Reduce your stress – use our knowledge and experience to save time and second guessing
Fine print uncertainty No surprises – we make sure you know everything you need to know in the details
How do you know who to believe? We’re not aligned with any loan provider. Our loan advice is always in the best interest of our clients
You could run into unforeseen fees, charges and all sorts of nasty conditions Mint Money provides free loan advice. Lenders pay us to administer and manage mortgages on their behalf. We’re ethical and provide transparent loan advice with no hidden costs or commissions
Free, expert and unbiased help, when you need it most
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