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Set achievable financial goals with loan calculators.

Whether you’re planning for a major purchase or paying off debts, Mint Money’s loan calculators are invaluable tools to help you determine your borrowing capacity and create a realistic budget.

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Loan Calculators

Access a wealth of valuable information and tools to support your financial journey. Use Mint Money’s resources to help you make informed decisions and attain your goals.

Find out how much you can save with a target time in mind.

Calculate your monthly payment including the principal amount and interest charges.

How much you will save if you make 1/2 of your monthly mortgage payment every two weeks instead of once a month?

How much are you spending in all areas of your life?

Find out what the true cost of the loan is.

Compare two lenders and determine which loan suits you better.

How much can you save off interest if you make extra contributions?

How long will it take to pay off your loan?

 This takes into consideration your income and expenses.

Compute your taxes based on specific tax years.

Calculate payments on a lease.

Calculate the impact of a lump sum payment on the length of your mortgage.

Get an indication of the interest and time you could save by having money in your Offset Account.

Calculate principal and interest repayments for a loan term.

How far along are you in your payments?

Compare 4 scenarios to determine which would save you the most.

How much can you remortgage your property for?

Explore what a reverse mortgage could cost over different time periods.

How much can your money grow over time?

Compute upfront costs for buying a property.

Find the best combination of fixed and variable interest rates.

Can you afford your dream home?

You’re In Good Company

Real stories of homeowners who found success with Mint Money’s mortgage solutions

DIY vs. Mint Money:
A Comparison for Getting a Mortgage

Obtaining a mortgage is a significant financial decision, and you may be considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to save costs or have more control over the process. While DIY may seem tempting, partnering with Mint Money offers several advantages that can make a significant difference in your mortgage experience. Let’s compare:

  • Numerous choices - some obvious, some vague, some legitimate, some unaccredited
  • Time-consuming research, stressful second-guessing
  • Fine print uncertainty
  • How do you know who to believe?
  • Unforeseen fees and charges, and all sorts of nasty conditions
With Mint Money
  • A full understanding of your options - we’ll present and explain all factors and variables. Our advice could save you thousands.
  • Say goodbye to paperwork and spending time trying to make sense of it all - we’ll handle everything from start to finish.
  • No surprises - we make sure you know all the details.
  • We’re not aligned with a specific loan provider. Our advice will always be in your best interest.
  • We provide free loan advice. It’s lenders who pay us to administer and manage mortgages on their behalf. We’re completely transparent with no hidden costs or commissions.