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To fix or not to fix?

Should you switch to a fixed interest rate product?

5 business professionals worth their weight in gold

Buying a property can be a very detailed and complicated process that takes a great deal of effort to complete successfully.

How to avoid hard sell sales tactics

Hard selling tactics are used by salespeople in a wide variety of industries, including property and real estate.


5 great reasons to consider refinancing

Getting a mortgage locked in can be a major hurdle when buying a property, whether you’re a home buyer or an investor.

Renovating for profit: 5 tips to minimise your risks and maximise your gains.

Looking to immediately increase the value of your next property purchase?


Why a building and pest inspection is a must for home buyers.

Did you know that termites damage more than 180,000 homes and buildings around Australia every year?


Which is the better investment – residential or commercial?

With residential property prices escalating at an unprecedented rate, many investors looking to enter the property market are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foot on the first rung of the property ladder.

What is ‘rentvesting’? And what are the benefits?

Rentvesting. It’s a whole new word in today’s popular culture, but it also represents a revolution in home buying strategy, particularly for first home buyers and those struggling to move up the property ladder. But what is it? And what are the benefits?


When should I fix my Interest Rate?

I’m often asked during the course of assisting clients with their loans, when should I fix my interest rate?

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