Hard selling tactics are used by salespeople in a wide variety of industries, including property and real estate.

They’re designed to get you to make a purchase quickly and deny you the opportunity to evaluate the purchase properly and compare other options.

Hard sell sales tactics often include aggressive or forceful language and usually use strong psychological pressure to convince you to buy. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious that you are being given the hard sell – the salesman will pretend to be your friend and behave as if they are helping you out!

So how do you avoid being pushed into a purchase by a hard selling salesperson? Here are five tips to help you come out on top.


1. Learn to say no.

Saying no is surprisingly difficult for some people. We’re all brought up to be polite and delivering a flat no can seem rude. The hard sell practitioner is fully aware of this and uses your good manners to their advantage to create an opportunity to make their sales pitch. Always be polite, but be firm when saying no or they will continue to pester you until you buy something.

Learning to say no to such people is vitally important. Make the word ‘no’ your default response until you are sure you have all the facts and are in a position to make an informed and considered decision.


2. Beware of people bearing gifts.

Another common tactic, and one that is frequently used by property sellers and developers, is to reinforce your natural tendency to avoid saying no by giving you a ‘free’ gift. They know a gift will make you feel more obligated to say yes because we are all conditioned to reciprocate when given a gift.

For example, time share companies will often offer you a ‘free’ weekend away in return for attending their seminar, then try and pressure you into buying while you’re there. Or a property developer may offer you a ‘free’ furniture voucher to get you to attend an open house, then pressure you into signing a contract on the spot.

Always remember that when you accept a gift that is described as ‘free’, you are placed under absolutely no obligation to make a purchase or return the favour. Say no firmly and take your ‘free’ gift home without feeling guilty about it.


3. Keep your emotions in check.

High pressure sales tactics also take advantage of your negative emotions. They play on feelings such as fear, greed, vanity, guilt, ambition, frustration, anxiety and even loneliness. Gratification of any of these emotions is a strong motivator and makes us very susceptible to impulsive purchasing decisions that we may regret later.

When making any large purchase, it is important to be able to put your emotions aside and think logically and practically. Before you even consider looking at a home or car to purchase, protect the integrity of your decision making process by working out a budget and a buying strategy. Avoid impulse purchases by giving yourself a cooling off period when you can take the time to sit down and calmly consider the pros and cons.


4. See the bigger picture.

When emotions are running high and you’re under pressure to make a decision, it is a good idea to step back and take a wider view of the situation. Resist your impulse to purchase by taking a few deep breaths and asking yourself “What will happen if I don’t make the decision to purchase right now?”

After a few minutes have passed, more sensible considerations will come to the fore. Such as can you afford it? Does it meet your needs? Will it give you the return on your investment that the salesman has promised? Are you paying the right price? Could you get a better price by waiting and negotiating a bit more? These are the bigger picture questions that need to be answered before you make your decision to buy.


5. Do your own research.

Every property developer, real estate agent and car salesman will tell you their deal is fantastic, that buying their product is a ‘no-brainer’. They may even show you data or statistics to back up what they say. Never trust the word of a hard sell salesperson, always verify the facts for yourself. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

When making any large purchase, particularly a property, the importance of conducting your own thorough research cannot be overstated. It may be time-consuming, but it is not difficult to go online and check you’re paying the right price, how likely it is that the investment will appreciate in value and what are the likely rental yields. If you are buying off the plan, or from a developer, always take the time to verify the value of the property on completion and hire an expert to help you if necessary. Do not take the developer’s word for it.

Remember, the objective of the hard sell salesperson is to make you buy now in order to take away your opportunity to consider things properly and perhaps decide not to make the purchase. The harder the sell, the more reason you have to go away and carefully research their offer.


Talk to a professional finance broker today.

One of the ways unscrupulous salespeople make their money is by selling you expensive finance. No matter how attractive the offer or how insistent the salesperson, you should never sign up for finance on the spot. It is very easy to be distracted by the price of that great car or perfect house and forget to be diligent about your financing deal – this is a major mistake that could end up costing you a lot more than you think.

Finance contracts can often have restrictive terms, unfavourable interest rates and hefty exit fees. Car dealership finance for example, is notorious for failing to take into consideration your complete financial circumstances, so you could end up with financial hardship or may actually find yourself unable to make your car repayments. This could be disastrous for your credit rating and leave you struggling to get any kind of finance in the future.

No matter the urgency, always take the time to talk with a mortgage or finance broker about your finance needs. We will help you to determine exactly how much you can afford to borrow and make sure you obtain the most favourable interest rate and finance product available for you and your needs, taking into consideration your personal financial circumstances and goals. Call us today.