Ongoing Support.

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Ongoing Support

We're here for you

Making changes to your loan payments or thinking about updating the terms of your loan?

When it comes to life, we get it, things change. At Mint Money, our customers mean the world to us and part of our service is ongoing and dedicated support through the life of your loan. We’ll help you put the pieces together with our trusted and experienced loan advice and we deal with lenders on your behalf. Easy, efficient, peace of mind. After all, living with a loan is supposed to be easy.

We go further for our own

  • We’re available to talk about your circumstances 5 days a week
  • We deal with the banks on your behalf
  • We’ll know you and will be here to provide long-term customer support for the life of the loan

How does it all work?

At Mint Money, we’re mortgage brokers, meaning we act on your behalf to find and secure the best available home loan for your needs. We’re not a financial institution, we’re unbiased and our services don’t cost a thing.

Say goodbye to paperwork, confusing fine print, unexpected fees and spending time trying to make sense of it all – that’s where we come in.

We’ll help you:

  • decide which lender to go with
  • choose the loan that will maximise your return
  • with any changes through the life of the loan
  • budget
  • with the approval process
  • read all the fine print
  • calculate how much you can borrow
  • avoid confusion and endless hours of researching
  • understand any extra costs

Living with a loan is easy with Mint Money.

Speak with a Mint Money expert now.

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